10 apps that can help you ace your finals

USA TODAY College – April 19, 2017

It’s final exam season, and your GPA is on the line. Sure, you could study the old school way: Pen, paper and a textbook. Or, you could use technology and study for your finals right in the palm of your hands. Numerous education apps on the market can help you study for any class from Spanish to biology to calculus.

Don’t wait until the last minute to learn an entire semester’s worth of coursework. Start studying for your finals early, and download an app that will help you survive this semester’s finals. Here are a few ideas.


Have a huge research paper due at the end of the semester? This free app, available on iOS and Android, will help make your bibliography perfect. You can search books, journals, websites, etc. on the app or scan a book barcode to generate a citation. The app allows you choose from more than 7000 styles to format your bibliography, so don’t worry if your professor wants a format other than the typical APA, MLA or Chicago style. There is even a website to do everything online.


Studying for a Spanish or French final can be hard, but this app makes it a lot easier. Duo Lingo is free and has skill lessons for 23 languages. In addition to interactive learning games and flash cards, the app has a feature where you can practice speaking a language and having a conversation with a bot. This app is available on iOS, Android and Windows.


This free app allows you to do the classic flash card studying method digitally. After making a set of flash cards, you can study by flipping through each flash card, filling in the blank, matching or playing an interactive study game. Flashcards can even include photos or diagrams. Quizlet is available on iOS and Google Play.


If you love flash cards, you have options. Tiny Cards is another free app for flash card studying with memory games. You have the option of making your own decks of flash cards or searching from 10,000+ decks on the app. This tool can help you study languages or other subjects and is available on iOS.


Need to catch up on a few lectures before the big final? iTunes U has more than 1 million free lectures, videos, books and other class resources to help you ace your exam. This app has material from several colleges including Stanford, Yale, MIT, Oxford and more.


This app is the ultimate place to store and create class notes. Your notes can include photos, videos, audio and sketches to give you a variety of ways to study. This app allows for creation of to-do lists so you can organize when and what you need to study. Evernote is free and available on iOS, Android and Windows.


The key to finish the semester and surviving finals is staying organized. Sometimes final exams are scheduled for different days or times than the regular class meeting time. Don’t accidentally sleep in and miss your 8 a.m. final exam. This app helps organize your workload and can be used to keep track of when your final exams are and when you need to study for them. My Study Life is free and available on iOS, Android and Windows.


Where are all the STEM majors at? This app helps you study for science or math, with more than 210 topics and 1,500 formulas. The student pack bundles together iMathematics Pro, iPhysics Pro and iChemistry pro for $6.99. If you don’t need the bundle, you can purchase the individual apps for $2.99 each from the Apple App Store.


As the name of app implies, Notability is for note-taking. This app allows you to type, sketch, annotate documents, write on photos, record audio and organize notes by subject. Writing features allow for flawlessly made graphs, diagrams and other designs. This app is available on iOS for $9.99.


Sometimes writing and reading over written notes isn’t enough. This diagram app is perfect for visual learners. Grafio 3 allows you to easily create diagrams or schematics with a variety of shapes, stencils, labels, fonts and more. This app is free and available on iOS.

May the odds be ever in your favor for your final exams!


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